Friday, July 15, 2011

Eulogy - Funeral Poem

Short Eulogy Examples
Eulogy - Funeral Poem

How Can I Manage, Now That She's Gone?

Grandma was there when I needed an ally -
If I wanted to talk - or felt like a cry.
When no one else seemed to understand -
She was there - with a helping hand.
How can I manage now that she's gone?
Without her advice I can't carry on!
She was wise and witty and one-of-a-kind;
I feel so lost since she left me behind.
I know she told me she wanted to go -
Her body was tired and hurt her so...
Maybe now is the time for me to resume -
Carry on her tradition and break this gloom -
To impart her wisdom to family and friends,
And face life with a smile while my heart slowly mends.
Grandma, I miss you. You'll always be near -
In my thoughts, in my heart - I have you right here.
Short Eulogy Examples


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